Starry Journal (Day 1) One last exam and it's holiday!

Today, I did my Chemistry exam, it seemed easy except that most of it was multiple choice and most of the answers were either "a" or "c". But, I'm confident I did okay!~ I was done so, I was sent home and went to eat sushi! That's when I discovered an event called "Chibifest" I was surprised and excited 'cause it's the first time I've seen those kinds of things (in my country at least) Tomorrow I'll have my Physics exam so, let's hope I'll do well!

Hello there uwu

I came back here!~ I had an account called "Katrachita" but, sadly I wasn't very active so, I deleted it... But now, I felt nostalgic so I made a new Hatena account! :33 I guess this will be like a diary where I write stuff that happens to me. :v Oki that's all uwu